Colloquium and Keynote Talks

June 22, 2021, IJGIS Webinar Series

Somayeh and her co-authors Harvey Miller, Jennifer Miller, and Gil Bohrer were invited to present a webinar featuring their 2019 paper titled “Towards an integrated science of movement: converging research on animal movement ecology and human mobility science” at IJGIS Webinar Series: A monthly seminar featuring IJGIS authors. . The video of the webinar is available here.

June 2, 2021, at RGS-IBG GIScience Webinar Series

Somayeh was invited by the GIScience Research Group (GIScRG) at the Royal Geographical Society with IBG to present a webinar on “Analyzing and Mapping Movement Responses to Environmental Disruptions” at the RGS-IBG GIScience Webinar Series. The abstract and the video of the webinar are available here.


April 14, 2021, keynote at GISRUK 2021

GISRUK logo Somayeh was a keynote speaker at the GISRUK 2021 conference, an open online conference on April 14-16th, 2021, delivering the talk “Data-driven movement analytics for pandemic response.” The GIS Research UK (GISRUK) Conference is held annually and is the largest academic GIScience conference in the United Kingdom. The keynote is available here.


April 9, 2021, at McGill University

GeoSpectives logo
Dr. Dodge gave an invited talk at McGill University’s Department of Geography GeoSpectives Seminar Series, entitled “Using movement as a marker to trace human activity and contact patterns.” The abstract is available here and full seminar series available here.

March 23, 2021, at the University of Zurich

Somayeh was invited to give a colloquium talk entitled “Taking a human-centered data science approach to study movement” at the University of Zurich Department of Geography digital GIScience colloquium. Colloquium agenda and abstract available here.

December 8, 2020, at the University of Maryland

Somayeh was invited to give a seminar entitled “Implications of Scale on Tracing Contact Patterns in Movement” at the Seminars Series on Spatial Multiscale Analytics, Applied Research, and Technology (SMAART). Center for Geospatial Science, University of Maryland, 8 December 2020. More information about the talk is available here.

November 2020, at AutoCarto 2020

Somayeh presented her work on WhereNext: Towards a Cartographic Framework for Movement at the AutoCarto 2020, the 23rd International Research Symposium on Cartography and GIScience.

October 2020, IEEE VIS 2020 Workshop

In collaboration with Dr. Clio Andris and Dr. Alan MacEachren, Somayeh co-organized a workshop on Information Visualization of Geospatial Networks, Flows and Movement (MoVis) at the IEEE VIS 2020 conference. More information about the workshop is available here.


May 26, 2020, at the University of California Santa Barbara

Somayeh was invited to give a seminar at the Spring Seminars on Issues, Approaches, and Consequences of the COVID-19 Crisis, Session on COVID-19: Analytics and Modeling for Prevention, at the UCSB’s Interdisciplinary Research Centers, NOVIM, and Cottage Health. She presented her work on “An Analytical Time Geography Approach to Tracing Contacts in Movement Data”. More information about the seminar and the video of the talk are available here.